Recent Awards

FRQSC Star Researcher Award

Star Researcher Award

Other published work

“Le Plan Nord: de la Science à la Societé Civile”. Commissioned by the Library of National Assembly of Quebec. 2012. Opening Statement at the conference Le Plan Nord 2.0 : avantages, inconvénients et alternatives au développement du Nord québécois. Congrès de l’Acfas. 2012.

Plan Nord Ass Nat

Economic Growth Revisited (Repenser la croissance économique). Revue Horizons Sociologiques, N.5. 2011.

Repenser la croissance économique 

Recent mentions of my work

Bloom, Tendayi. Noncitizenism, Recognizing Non-Citizen Capabilities in a World of Citizens. Routeledge 2018

Higginson, Lara. Food Production, Poverty and Popular Pressure. MA Thesis

Rizkallah, Meriam. Because we cannot walk on water. MA Thesis

University of Reading Programme in Climate Justice

Relational Thinking Network